AMES Group is currently looking for a sales consultant who has experience in the education industry in Sydney NSW.


The company is currently working with a number of partners across Australia and New Zealand to provide a quality service to those who are interested in moving to those countries.



✔ Understands the student industry in Australia with experience in attracting customers in Philippines, Korea, and Thailand

✔ Speaks the language of the target market.

✔ Has experience in Sales and Marketing.

✔ Has the ability to turn leads into sales in our current market.

✔ Has good understanding of Facebook and Google Ads.


Job Description

✔ Provide consulting services for study in Australia or New Zealand (training will be provided by the company)

✔ Develop customer relationships and manage clients and leads.

✔ Provide study advise to students

✔ Assist in student enrolments for our education providers

✔ Cooperate with company leaders for tasks


Part-time with an opportunity to become full-time.


Send us your CV to