Australia's sixth largest city, Gold Coast is the most iconic holiday destination in Australia. The city is one of Australia's fastest growing large cities, it has grown from a small beachside holiday destination to a big city.  The Gold Coast boasting a fantastic range of attractions, beautiful beaches, shopping, dining, major events and more! the Gold Coast’s star attraction is its beaches, including the world-renowned stretch of sand at Surfers Paradise. With Brisbane city center a stones throw away, along with Byron Bay next door, everything is close when you’re on the gold coast!








 The Gold Coast experiences a humid subtropical climate, with warm winters and hot, humid summers. 



 SUMMER (December – February)

Summer weather is hot to very hot, high humidity with some spectacular summer storms. The temperatures range from 19 to 29 degrees. In February is the wettest month, and short, tropical storms are common in the late afternoon and early evening.


AUTUMN (March – May) 


Autumn is still warm to hot during the days and slightly cooler at nights. Humidity drops and there is less rain. In Autumn sunny days are followed by cooler nights with average temperatures between 18 - 25.7°C


WINTER (June – August)


Winter temperatures range from an average of 9 to 21 degrees. Clear blue skies and warm days. Crisper evenings and early mornings. Lower humidity.

SPRING (September – November)



Daytime temperatures build quickly through September along with humidity. Sunny days are followed by mild tropical evenings and average temperatures range from 16.9 - 25.4°C. Just about perfect for any activities in Gold Coast, and the whales are still here till early November.



Australia's Gold Coast - 4K from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.