Student support services


AMES Education provides assistance unlike any other education provider. We provide professional advice and assistance in selecting courses and institutions that you believe will suit you best. AMES qualified Education Consultant analyze students’ education and employment background, determine their long-term goals and current life situation to assess students to choose best college/University or English school to attain the qualification they want to and live their dream of studying in Australia.



First Class Education and Training

Statistics prove that Australia is actually the third most popular destination for students to come to study in around the world. Coming in third after the USA and the UK this fact is astonishing as Australia retains a small population of only 23Million compared to its 1st and 2nd counterparts. Australia is the third most popular destination because it provides first class education and training. Seven of the worlds top 100 universities are in Australia, and it can be seen that all Australian Universities, Colleges and educational institutions are continually changing and endeavouring to excel and become the best in the world. Education obtained from Australian institutions is recognized all over the world in a prestigious light. AMES will fit clients into appropriate educational institutions that will ensure their future success.


Continued support and assistance

Migrating to a different country can be a daunting experience that scares most people. Having to familiarize yourself with a completely new system and sometimes a new language can be terrifying. AMES Group Education provides all our clients with continued support and assistance even after they have arrived in Australia and been placed in an institution. Should any of our clients ever need help with anything varying from VISA issues to public transportation, all the staff at AMES education will be willing to help.

AMES provide following services step by step.

 Professional advice and assistance in course selection
 Processing applications and enrollment to Australian Universities and Colleges.
 Preparation and Lodgment of Visa applications
 Making follow-up regarding existing application
 Providing Accommodation and Airport Pick-up (if applicable)